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Fix for contacts problem in Pidgin for Sametime client on Linux

March 2nd, 2010

If your Sametime contacts appear/update slowly in Pidgin you probably need to update sametime library.

Christoph Lukas has compiled patched sametime library which can be found here:

Direct link to 32-bit .deb package
Direct link to 64-bit .deb package

Exit Pidgin and replace existing library. I replaced the symbolic link and left original library in /usr/lib

ar vx libmeanwhile1_1.0.2-3*
tar xvfz data.tar.gz
sudo cp usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
sudo ln -fs /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Start pidgin and your sametime should be fixed now


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Google Voice. woot!

July 28th, 2009

Got invite to closed beta of google voice a week ago. Configured it yesterday. It is kinda fun and really makes the whole telephone thingy easier especially if you have more then one line (cell, home, work, etc).

Things that I find usefull:

  • When someone calls my google voice phone # all registered phones ring at the same time so where ever I am available I will pick up the phone
  • Call (not VoIP like skype or whatever) can be placed right from web browser. GV will call the party and yourself
  • Quality of international calls is very good. Just like Skype
  • Nice web interface for iphone where I can browse my contact list and call via GV
  • Blocking and screening of annoying telemarketers (even though looks like FCC beat down those f@#$ers to death. They dont call lately)

Things that need improvement:

  • International calling rates a little higher then average Calling Card rates
  • When I place an international call over the phone (not using web) it asks me to dial the whole number. Cmon, guys. You have my address book, there are things such as dial shortcuts and fast dial. Make any of these available please

Overall I like GV. And the fact that Apple being a pussy and denied GV iPhone application proves the point that Android is having a better chances at dominating cellphone gadget market sooner or later.


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Custom BitTorrent Search Engine Demonstrates Google’s Proximity to The Pirate Bay

April 24th, 2009

Forbes calls Google the New Pirate Bay because it’s great at finding torrents—acting as a sort of meta-aggregator. With this custom Google search engine, it’s even easier to find and download torrents via Google.

As the Forbes article linked above points out, doing a simple search for wolverine torrent turns up several popular BitTorrent trackers, meaning you’re just two clicks away from downloading the leaked movie via BitTorrent. The custom search engine in question just streamlines the process slightly by explicitly defining which popular torrent trackers Google should search.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google used for quick and easy file sharing. Previously mentioned G2P uses some custom Google-fu to find publicly hosted media files in a quick and easy search.



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