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Better battery life on your Android-based HTC phone

June 15th, 2010

Apparently out-of-the-box HTC Incredible phone has an issue with Flickr application and battery usage. The application simply prevents phone from going to sleep mode even when screen turns off.

Here is how to verify if your battery life is affected by (possibly) bug in flickr sync:

Go to

All Programs > Settings > About phone > Battery

Check if your Up time is the same as Wake time.

If so then it means your phone never goes to sleep and constantly drains battery.

Here is a quick solution which will work for many (except those who care about synchronizing contacts with Flickr activity).

Basically what needs to be done to prevent Flickr app keeping phone awake is to disable contacts synchronization between Flickr account and in-phone contacts. You will retain ability to upload photos to and browse on Flickr as normal. Just no Flickr activity will be shown on your phone contacts (not many use this feature).

Go to

All Programs > Settings > Accounts & sync > Flickr

Disable Sync Stream and Sync Contacts

Turn off your phone and turn back on to reset Up time and Wake time counters. Leave it be for like 5 min and check Up and Wake times again in

All Programs > Settings > About phone > Battery

Up time should be > Wake time. If not you need to keep looking for a solution.


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