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Skype “unlimited” calling plan

April 20th, 2009

Skype LOL at Skype and their bs “unlimited” usage which is subject to “Fair Usage Policy”. Here is what they state (source http://www.skype.com/legal/terms/fair_usage/) :

Calls to phones and mobiles and Skype To Go* calls are included in your subscription subject to a fair usage limit of 10,000 minutes per user per month, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Also, no more than 50 different numbers in total can be called per day. If your subscription includes more than one country, then this is the total amount of minutes allowed per month on your account, and is not a separate limit for each country.

Was the word “unlimited” just re-defined?

Also, apparently I can not use “Skype To Go” to call land lines in Russia… Is it so hard to state it on website so I don’t have to waste an hour of my time to browse through your forums to find out the answer?



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