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Bank of America is the worst bank on this planet

May 18th, 2010

So far Bank of America is absolutely the worst and the most horrible bank I’ve seen but since I originally had my mortgage with Countrywide (which was purchased by BoA few years ago) I ended up dealing with that inadequate financial institution. Pretty much everything is stupid with BoA beginning with inept customer support.

They call me from a number I never seen before and tell me they are Bank of America and ask me to give them my SSN to verify I am who I am. Well excuse me. How do I know you are who you say you are? I can call your home phone and tell you I am from whatever bank you have credit card with and ask you for your SSN for “verification” and then try to sell you the product you not gonna buy and will end up with your SSN, mother maiden name and CVC code from your credit card. Cause you know… Your name, your bank name and your phone number can easily be found in internet in 15 minutes (for $10 in worst case scenario).

Okay I went to my BoA online account and found my payment was not posted cause I mistyped account number in my bill payer – fine – my mistake. I will pay it online via direct debt from my checking. Well… not so fast. I can’t even get past “pay now and tell us why your one day late” web page to see my payment history and figure out what and when went wrong. Ok. Paying through BoA web.. WHAT?? $6 for online transaction??? ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME??? I save you paper work and/or phone rep time and/or live teller time and all you do is charge me $6 ???

I should have re-financed with any other bank when I had a chance. The fact Bank of America charges the full closing cost for refinancing its own loans is amazing (hey at least I saved on appraisal – thanks to Obama Administration) and should have raised a flag in my head but somehow it did not.

So if any bank will offer me the same rate and no closing cost I will switch over in a blink of an eye (no I am not underwater) cause you know… Can’t be worst then with Bank of America.


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Better battery performance on HTC Incredible

May 2nd, 2010

1. Go to Settings -> Location
2. Turn “Use wireless networks” off
3. Turn “Location setting -> LOCATION” on
4. Turn “Use GPS satellites” on

The reason for significant savings of power is wireless network location service is on all the time while GPS service is “on demand” and being used only when needed.


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